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Have a song custom-made for you by Andrew Plan from Tuneriver®

Andrew Plan is a Dallas-based, Filipino-American award-winning independent artist and songwriter. Once an ambitious pre-med student, Andrew decided against medical school and found a lane for himself as a different kind of healer.

With his smoky-smooth voice, sharp pop melodies and life-affirming lyrics, Andrew is winning listeners over and carving out his own place in the Dallas music scene and beyond.

His accolades include placing as a finalist in the 1st annual Kollaboration San Francisco Showcase, winning the grand prize at the 2014 East Texas Songwriters’ Lab Songwriting Competition, and being selected as a finalist in the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest.

Andrew hit the ground running in 2022, releasing 30+ singles since January and playing shows in the Dallas area as well as on Twitch.

With every new song released and show performed, Andrew continues to live out his mission to heal, inspire and empower others through his music.


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