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Billions are spent on Valentine’s Day each year.  If you’re planning to splurge on romantic love, there’s always roses, chocolates and cute greeting cards.  But why not stand out from the crowd?  Let’s face it.  Your partner will be recounting the night with 3 best friends in the morning.  And with a little creativity, your other half will have a great story to share. Here are 6 of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas this year – ways to add a personal touch and make their heart melt on Valentine’s Day.

1. Gift a personalized song
Flowers and chocolates are wonderful but how can you make your special one feel, well um, special?  Is there something you can do to really show her or him you’ve been listening to hopes, fears and dreams?  How about gifting a personalized song?  We don’t know many (any) individuals who wouldn’t dream of a receiving a song written just for them.  Maybe musical lyrics can tell your special person what you’ve been afraid to say?  Tuneriver.com does all the work for you and it’s easier than turning on an iPhone for the first time!

2. Capture your first kiss
Was it your first kiss, the birth of a child or that moment you realized your world had changed?  There is a primal and eternal power in looking at the stars.  It’s with us when we are born and they are there every moment.  The Night Sky is a company that creates a personalized star map of any date you choose.

3. Treasure hunt
Half the fun is watching your love open his or her gift.  Why not create clues which lead to the present?  This paper trail might include endearing messages which celebrate attributes.  For example, the notes might say, “I love your curious brain and the next clue is hidden inside a book written by your favorite author,” or “Your long lean legs drive me wild.  The next clue is hidden inside the pocket of your favorite trousers.”

4. Travel back in time
Give multiple gifts to signify the time you’ve been together.  These don’t have to be large or expensive presents (though, they can be if you really want to go for it).  For example, if you’ve been together 3 years, you can buy 3 gifts: one for each year you have been together.  Been together 10 years or even 10 months? You can buy 10 smaller items.  This will take a little extra effort to wrap individually, but the extra effort will be appreciated by your partner.

5. Personalized jewelry
Find out your partner’s birthstone and buy jewelry that incorporates the specific birthstone from their birthday month.  This layer of personalization demonstrates extra thought into your gift.  See this chart for reference.

6. Have a new adventure
We love the Culture Whisper which is a great way to discover places to eat and cool activities across London and Paris.  If your partner loves eating in public “au naturel,” the first nudist restaurant in France’s capital is taking reservations until it’s last day on 16 February!

Remember your love shouldn’t just be an option but rather your priority. Whether this is your first Valentine or your 25th, you have the power to choose how irresistible they feel.