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How long will my order take?

From the time you place your order, to the point where you have a completed personalized webpage with personalized song and personalised lyrics, takes 48 hours. This allows time for your song to go into the recording studio to be professionally personalized for you.

Will the personalized web page I send as a gift be available indefinitely?

No. The personalized web page will be live for 6 months.
The personalized song and personalized lyrics are downloadable, so those are yours to keep and share as you wish. Forever.

Do I own the copyright to the song?

The copyright to the song is owned by the artist/tuneriver, you will own a license to that song and each tuneriver song you buy comes with a user-license agreement. You are free to play the song and share it with people you know, just don’t try to re-sell it to someone else, because that would really not be the right thing to do!

Can I share my song on social-media or via my phone?

By all means! We love the connections that tuneriver songs bring.

Go ahead and share the love!

There are social icons on the personalized page to help you share it with people you know. You can also download the song and lyric sheet to share this via phone as a text, WhatsApp or other social-media channels.

Why are some song-experiences cheaper/more expensive?

We’re keen to keep costs as low as possible for you, whilst offering great service and a unique gift experience. Some songs have more levels of personalization to add, which takes longer to create in the recording process, these songs tend to be more expensive due to the extra time it takes. Conversely, some songs are easier to customize, which takes less time for them to be personalized for you in the recording studio, so we offer these songs at a cheaper rate wherever possible.

Can you remake a well-known song released by someone else, but change a few words or lines to personalize it?

Due to copyrights with existing music, we are unable to make any covers or re-record an existing song and change a few lines to personalize it. It seems like a simple, easy task, but there are often multiple writers, publishers, and a copyright owner that you need to clear it with and that can cost a lot of money. We’d be more than happy to take suggestions and look at creating a song with a similar feel as the artist you’d like and create a new, original song based on your stories and memories. Please contact us via info@tuneriver.com using the subject line: ‘New Song’.

How can I become a songwriter for tuneriver?

We are very selective with our songwriters and want to make sure every member of our songwriting community fits our values and beliefs. We are always looking for reliable artists that can make a difference to people’s lives by sharing joy and delight through the gift of song.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a part of our songwriting community please contact us via info@tuneriver.com with the subject title: ‘New Artist’.

Can I get the song on a 'physical product', a CD for example?

We’ll be adding the option to get your song on a CD soon. In the meantime, here are instructions to get your song onto a CD…

  1. First, you will need the song file. Go to your personalized web-page you received on completion of the order and click the “Download Track” button which appears next to the ‘Lyrics’ button under the main ‘play’ ribbon. This file will save the song to your computer.
  2. Insert a blank CD recordable disc into your disc drive and open your CD burning software.
  3. Add the song that you just downloaded to the disc in the CD burning program and execute the writing onto the disc.

Use the information in this link to burn the song using iTunes.

Will I get a chance to review the song before it is sent to the recipient?

Yes. All song-gifts are sent to the person who places the order. Then the person giving the gift can send it to the recipient at the exact time of their choosing.
If you are not 100% happy with the song, please get in touch with us immediately to resolve. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations, so it’s super-important to us that you are more than satisfied.

How much of my song order will be personalized?

Most songs (apart from our ‘Quick Songs’ range) can be personalized by up to 40%!!

It all depends on the content you provide when you order the song.
All the full-length songs have between 1-3 defined personalization areas, such as: ‘name’, ‘nickname’ (always optional), ‘age’ (often used in the birthday songs), ‘significant place’ etc.

With each song order (apart from our ‘Quick Songs’ range), there is an ‘Extra Information’ box, where you can provide us with extra information to enable us to personalize your song request even more. The more information you provide us with, the more personalized the final recording will be.

Our Quick-Songs range is currently being developed as an economical alternative. These contain only one area of personalization, often the name of the recipient.

Didn't find what you were looking for or have a suggestion? Please let us know at info@tuneriver.com