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Brownie points that is…  You have two options.

The first is to sulkily stand in a queue at the local train station waiting to buy wilted roses and cheap chocolates before you arrive home after work.  Not to mention the sense of anxiety you feel knowing your significant other has a sixth sense and knows you are doing this.

Second option.  You follow the simple and different Valentine’s Day gift ideas below and end up with a partner who feels like the luckiest lover in the world. Your decision.  Here’s how to score brownie points on Valentine’s Day.

Plan Ahead

Book at least 2-3 restaurants now. It doesn’t matter if you know all the details but try to pick somewhere you’d both love to go.  We love the app Dojo which is a great way to discover places to eat and cool activities across London and Paris.  And you should definitely check out Time Out’s ‘Love London Awards’ which includes readers’ favorite hot spots.  If your partner loves eating in public “au naturel,” the first nudist restaurant in France’s capital is taking reservations until it’s last day on 16 February.


Flowers and chocolates are wonderful but how can you make your special one feel, well um, special?  Is there something you can do to really show her or him you’ve been listening to hopes, fears and dreams?  How about gifting a personalized song?  We don’t know many (any) individuals who wouldn’t dream of a receiving a song written just for them.  Maybe musical lyrics can tell your special person what you’ve been afraid to say?  Tuneriver.com does all the work for you and it’s easier than turning on an iPhone for the first time!

Be Eye-Candy

Your partner deserves a date who is fresh, energized and fun to be around.  Do your best to map out your fitness and eating regimen the week before Valentine’s Day.  Your love will certainly be more attracted to someone who feels good about themselves.  Also, why not make him or her feel even more special by sporting a new outfit?

Remember your love shouldn’t just be an option but rather your priority.  Whether this is your first Valentine or your 25th, you have the power to choose how irresistible you are.