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People in the UK are being encouraged to celebrate the NHS’s 72nd birthday and thank key workers for their support during the coronavirus pandemic with a nationwide clap next month. Tuneriver are going one step further by offering a free personalized song for key workers worldwide.

NHS England boss Sir Simon Stevens and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby are among the influential figures supporting the initiative which is featured on the BBC website. Clap for carers founder Annemarie Plas is also backing the campaign.

The initiative would make 5 July an official day to pay tribute, but the free personalized song gift service for key workers will be available from today via tuneriver.com.
> Simply select who the song is for, then select ‘Key-Worker Song’ as the occasion you are celebrating.

Tuneriver artist Janet Renders said: “It has been a difficult time for so many people. Personally, I have really missed being able to perform live, but I am happy to be able to do something positive and make a contribution to people that have served their communities.”

Tuneriver founder, Leo Saunders, who had Covid-19 for 8 weeks after contracting the virus whilst delivering live performances at Cheltenham Race Week, adds:  “We all owe a debt of gratitude to the full range of healthcare workers, shop workers, transport staff, delivery drivers, postal workers, teachers, refuse collectors, emergency services, and other key workers who have kept the country going during this time”.

If you know a key worker who has been required to work during the pandemic and deserves to be recognized with a personalized song gift, order one today here 
1) Select who the song is for, then
2) Select ‘Key-Worker Song’ as the occasion… we’ll carry out the order for them for free.