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We are thrilled to announce our new featured personalized song artist Eli Lev from Maryland, USA, on tuneriver.com.

Eli Lev

Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter, International Touring Artist and global citizen Eli, is making the world a smaller place… one song at a time!

Eli pens lyrics and melodies for everyday enlightenment—songs that resonate because they’re heartfelt, earthy, and offer the wisdom he’s gained through lifelong travel and self-discovery.

Songs about life from a lifetime of experiences

The Silver Spring, Maryland-based artist just released Deep South, the third album in a four-part directional series. The series was inspired by indigenous traditions he learned while teaching on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.

His first two album releases, All Roads East and Way out West, imaginatively and intrepidly connect spheres and generations within a body of work that is irresistibly uplifting, emotionally resonant, and down-to-earth authentic.


As the current worldwide pandemic changes the landscape of live performances and the music industry as a whole, Eli has kept up with a robust live-streaming schedule to stay in touch with his community and provide some hope and positivity amid universally difficult circumstances.

Click here if you are interested in joining Eli’s community to be entertained via his live-stream events.

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