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Tuneriver are pleased to announce their new featured artist, LEONN, who is currently writing songs for you to personalise as gifts. LEONN says, “I love the fact that tuneriver.com is dedicated to personalizing and customizing songs for people. It’s a great concept.”

Leonn Meade – “LEONN” – is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and artist from London, UK. Known best for his debut single ‘Invisible Me’ (2015) and his energetic live shows, LEONN has earned his place as one of the most exciting acts stemming from the depths of the London music scene.

LEONN entered his musical career as a session drummer recording and performing with some of the world’s most renowned artists such as the London Community Gospel Choir, Natasha Bedingfield, Blue, West Life, Jason Derulo, Maria Carey, Glen Lewis, Calum Scott, plus many more. He took a step away from the backseat to pursue a career in music production, writing and as a front man, solo artist.

LEONN’s sound is organically unique – a style that resembles the old-skool 70’s Funk with a modern twist, naming it ‘NewFunk’, he has fused his retro sound with Hip-Hop, Disco, UK Grime, Pop and everything in between creating very interesting and tasteful collaborations which also include ‘visual art’, the latest of these collaborations being with the artist and photographer Nedim Nazerali.

With musical influences such as James Brown, Quincy Jones, Prince and D’Angelo, LEONN brings back the musicality so many have missed. Live instrumentation, empowering lyrics and incredible musicianship. We can’t wait for you to be able to hear songs from LEONN that you can personalize and send as gifts.

LEONN added: “Every song has its meaning and has its audience, and some people may like something about a song, but now it can relate specifically to them, bringing the song even closer to the person… which is what music is supposed to do!” LEONN’s customizable songs will be ready for you to personalize and send to your friends, family and loved-ones soon… in the meantime, head on over to LEONN’s official website to hear more.