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Hello! My name is Kaylee Federmann. I’m a pop/rock artist based in Nashville! I’m originally from Boston and attended Berklee College of Music for several years. I majored in songwriting and production and have been nominated for several Boston Music Awards and a New England Music Award.

I have written custom songs for several years now and have loved making music for people’s occasions and celebrations. I take inspiration from other’s stories as well as my own and try to find unique ways to bring out the message both in the lyrics and the sonics of the track.

I play guitar and a bit of piano, I’m learning drums and bass as I find it hard to stick to just one thing. When I’m not working on Tuneriver, I’m working on my own artist project. I’ve had a few songs reach over a million streams. I would love to be a part of your journey and help bring out your message!


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