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Have Tuneriver® Song Artist Riley Horbacio custom-make a personalized song just for you!

Riley Horbacio is a 24 year old singer, songwriter, and producer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Growing up as a multi-instrumentalist, Riley displayed great musical talent and dedication, which now reflects in his current work in the industry. 

His vocal training has prepared him to deliver polished, professional vocals in a variety of styles and genres.

At 15 years old, Riley briefly paused high school, joined his brother’s band, Panicland, and toured across Canada. 

Upon completion of the tour, their hit single made the prestigious jump into the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100

Since then, he has gained over 30 million streams across all major streaming platforms. 

Riley’s musical inspirations include The Beatles, Green Day, and the Guess Who, as well as many mainstream artists and bands.

Over the past several years, Riley has written over 200 jingles and theme songs. He has written and produced several well-known podcast intros, as well as the intro/outro to the popular YouTube cartoon “The Guava Juice Show”.

These experiences have allowed Riley to perfect the art of writing songs in any genre imaginable. Whether it’s rock, pop, hip hop, EDM, or even country, there is no limit to Riley’s creativity!


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