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Have a song made for you by Lina Cooper from Tuneriver®

Lina Cooper is a 23-year-old songwriter, producer and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Being originally from Ukraine, Lina moved to Boston at the age of 17 to go to Berklee College of Music, where she double majored in Contemporary Writing & Production and Songwriting with a minor in Conducting.

At the age of 21, she moved to LA and started working as an assistant engineer & assistant administrator at Harbor Studios and then moved to Paramount Recording Studio. While doing all that Lina has been releasing her own music, writing/producing for other artists, jingle writing and performing.

Her music has been signed by British and American publishing companies, placed in a Hulu show, commercials and short films, signed for sync and placed on Spotify editorial playlists.

One of her friends said that her music could be described as “if Taylor Swift and Yungblud had a baby”, which means she is a very lyric-heavy writer with passion for pop, but also has a bit more punk “slap you on the face” edge to her. Her biggest influences are Taylor Swift, Halsey, Lorde, Jack Antonoff, Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, JP Saxe, ABBA, modern pop-punk and many more.

Lina specializes in pop/rock/indie songwriting, but also does most of her own production in Logic as well as records everything at her home studio.


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