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Have a song made for you by Matt Welch from Tuneriver®.

Matt Welch is an Australian based songwriter and composer. He writes music for clients and publishers around the world.

His music has featured on TV, radio and streaming platforms including Netflix.

Matt’s main passion is working with people to create a special song that they can share with their friends and loved ones.

He can create a song for you in a number of different genres including:  singer/songwriter, folk, country, pop, blues or 80s/retro.

Check out one of Matt’s retro/80s inspired pieces here:

Being an absolute professional musician, familiar with working on briefs from production studios, you can request to have a song made for you by Matt Welch and be confident that he will be able to interpret your song in the way you want it to sound.

Just ask if you’d like to hear more examples of his work or to discuss your song request.

You can start creating your song here.


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