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Caro Jordanow is a singer, songwriter and producer based in vibrant Berlin, Germany.

She grew up in a family of music lovers, so she got in touch with the inspiring music of Neil Diamond, Carole King, Jewel, as well as rock legends like Deep Purple, and has been playing the guitar and writing songs from an early age on.

Caro is all about the song. She loves telling stories through her music and blends multiple styles and genres to capture the magic.

As a performing artist she played some of the finest venues and festivals all over Germany and was fortunate to record in legendary studios like the Hansa Studio Berlin.

In the 1970’s, Hansa Studios became known worldwide as David Bowie who lived and worked in Berlin at the time, wrote his hit “Heroes“ in this studio beside the wall. He recorded numerous albums here, also writing and producing with his friend Iggy Pop.

You can see a photo of Caro recording at Hansa Studios in her gallery below.

In 2021 she started her production company SongMood Productions and focused more and more on her skills as a songwriter and producer. She regularly collaborates with songwriters from all over the world writing for other artists as well as TV and film.

Besides her job as a producer Caro also enjoys sharing her skills and love for music with the younger generation and teaches songwriting and music production at a local high-school in her hometown.


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