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Agnethe Melchiorsen custom made songs with Tuneriver®

Agnethe Melchiorsen is a talented singer and an authentic songwriter from Denmark. Her music is original and the lyrics profound and relatable.

There was a time when Agnethe would have described herself as a jazz vocalist but delved increasingly deeper into the art of songwriting, and now also music production has added a modern edge to her music. However, you can still hear the jazzy influence from time to time.

How it all began

Ever since she was a child Agnethe loved singing and writing songs. She started playing the piano at age six and since learned all the fundamentals; reading music, music theory etc.

Agnethe sang her first solo part in the third grade and has loved singing for people ever since. While in school she pursued as many musical opportunities as possible, and later went on to study singing and songwriting at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.

To Berlin…

After earning a bachelor’s degree she moved to Berlin to delve deeper into the art of writing songs but soon realised that there are other things in life than music, which led her down a different path for a while. And because she was trying hard to suppress her creative urges for some time, her only released music dates back as far as 2013.

… And back!

She is however now back, more inspired than ever, and has taken on the wild and challenging journey into music production, is experimenting with different styles and expressions, and has found that especially custom songs is a meaningful way of bringing people joy with her music.

Songs personalised for you

Agnethe is available to recreate one of her songs for you, personalised with the info you supply us with when ordering, or you can request her to write you a new song ‘from scratch’. Simply visit this page.


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