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Amy Goloby Custom-Made Personalized Songs with Tuneriver®

Amy Goloby (rhymes with wallaby) is a Texas native who began writing songs in high school after teaching herself to play guitar. A natural-born writer and poet, she enjoyed putting rhythm and rhyme to melody.

“Music was a great outlet for me at a time when I felt I had no one else to turn to,” Amy says about crafting songs in her dorm room throughout college, after a hard breakup with her high school sweetheart.

At 25, she moved to Austin on a whim and decided to pursue music as a career. She released her debut album, “Left Unsaid,” in 2014 with Tate Music Group, which includes the songs she wrote in her 20s about love, heartbreak, and pursuing dreams in the real world.

Her sophomore album “Back to New” is a Folk-Americana mixture of love songs with an element of faith. With songs about waiting on unanswered prayers, broken hearts, or noticing the “least of these,” this album encapsulates her soul and reminds us where to place our focus when the going gets tough.

“I want other people to know there is a silver lining in their dark times and that it’s not too late to turn your life around,” Amy says, reflecting back on moments of heartbreak and loneliness.

Amy now resides in Dallas, TX with her husband and soon-to-be-son and continues to write songs about love, faith, and everything in between.

She has released new singles, which are available on all digital platforms, and she looks forward to writing songs for your loved ones that will touch their hearts for years to come!


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