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When Azu, custom-made song artist with Tuneriver.com embarked on his music career, he looked at his favourite artists and thought, “I could at least do what they are doing… If not better!”

Azu is our first professional artist from Tanzania. His inspiration comes from the likes of XXXTentacion and Juice Wrld, he says that he “tends to lean on the “enjoyable side” of  music: If it feels good then it probably will to another person. Just like that, the magic called music.”

He adds, “Being a song-writer and a self produced artist is my favourite part of life. My curious mind keeps me experimenting and thus far has lead me in the journey of writing over 200+ songs, working on an album with Rwanda’s number one artist, Bruce Melodie as well underground local artists, here in Tanzania.”

He concludes, “As humans, we’re bound to run out of time, I’m gonna make some music that sparks the ‘Wow, this feels good’ sensation while I’m here.”

You can now request a personalised song, custom-made for you by Azu with your stories and memories here.


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