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Rian Cult, born Adrian Culetu, is a singer-songwriter, drummer & producer from Constanta, Romania. Rian is here to put his fingerprints on today’s musical world – each and every one of his already released tracks have a unique yet familiar sound and storyline that anyone can relate to.

The exhaustingly emotional passage of the melodic lines and production bring you a wave of feelings, in songs that spread from heavy dance features to moody and delicate pop songs with that singer-songwriter touch.

Having graduated in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music, Rian moved to LA to pursue the writing and singing career as an artist and to perform in front of thousands of people – reaching audiences from around the world.

Rian’s personality, humbleness and open-minded vision has allowed him to build a network of successful writers, artists, and friends, building a community to help each other grow and explode in the music field.


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